New Breed Arising

New Breed Arising: Bridging the Generations for Strategic Purpose

"New Breed Arising is all about linking the wisdom and anointing of the older generation with the creativity, passion and zeal of the younger generation. This is going to bring about the greatest move of God in history."

Bishop Bill Hamon, Founder and Bishop, Christian International

"This is an on-target word much-needed for this time as we embark on a stunning journey of radical transformation and growth in the body of Christ. To go this distance we must have teaching and revelation such as this book."

Ryan LeStrange, Founder of Ryan LeStrange Ministries

"This book is full of insights for everyone on how to walk together to produce generational synergy. You will be convicted, enlightened and impacted to walk out the pages of this book."

Julie Meyer, Apostolic Healing Rooms of Santa Maria Valley

By Benjamin Adam Deitrick