Passover 5779

Passover 5779: The Unlocking and Transferring of Wealth!

April 18 - 21, 2019

Passover 5779 was a landmark in time when we crossed over into promise, rolled away the reproach of the past, and positioned ourselves to move forward and unlock the wealth of our promised inheritance.  There was such a unified message that came forth from each of our speakers, and an incredible dimension of breakthrough.  Each of these sessions will help you advance with resurrection power:

Chuck D. Pierce: Crossing Over and Possessing Your Portion!
Jane Hamon: Decreeing the Word of the Lord in the Fullness of Time!
Friday Intercessory Declaration Watch 
Ramiro Peña: Seven Keys to the Transference of Wealth!

Mark Gonzales: Walking in our Inheritance of Favor, Health and Wealth – Claiming What Has Been Paid For!
Barry Maracle: Hear the Sound! Boots on the Ground! Resound the Sound!
Isaac Pitre: Going Beyond Your Humanity and into Your Divinity to Fulfill Your Destiny!

Saturday Intercessory Declaration Watch
Saundra Dalton-Smith: A Practical Self-Diagnosis of Areas the Enemy is Attacking! 

Kent Mattox: Shame Off You! Removing Reproach to Enter the Promise!
Daniel Pierce: Possessing the Inheritance!
Amber Pierce: Limitless Glory!

Dutch Sheets: Keys to the Ancient Path!
Robert Heidler: Possessing Your Future: A Tale of Three Passovers!
Chuck Pierce: Understanding How to Step in the New!
Chuck Pierce and Keith Pierce: Preparing the Way for the New!

The blood of Yeshua, our Passover Lamb, has never lost its power.  Enter into this celebration of crossing over for the unlocking and transferring of wealth to secure your future!