Starting the Year Off Right 2020

Starting the Year Off Right 2020: Enter the Supernatural, Mystical Era Ahead!

A new year is an opportunity to surpass last season’s expectations and break into new realms of vision and decree.  Our Starting the Year Off Right 2020 Celebration was an incredible time of aligning our expectations and declarations for a new year and decade. We have fully crossed into this pey season, and each of these messages will help frame your speech as never before:

Chuck Pierce: A New Wind for a New Era … Moving from Maintaining to Conquest!
Isaac Pitre: Forming the World and Framing the Ages with our Words!

Friday Worship Declaration
Tom Hamon: 2020 Will be Your Year of Plenty!
Jane Hamon: The Decade of the Dynamo … Eight Decrees for the New Era!

Releasing the First Nations Voice into 2020 and Beyond!
Daniel Pierce: 2020 … Look Back, Remember and Move Forward!
Amber Pierce: 2020 … A Time to get Louder and Louder and Stir the Pot!
Misty Edwards: Raising a New Sound of Worship!
Cindy Jacobs: Reset, Restitution and Restoration!
Saturday Worship Declaration
Chuck Pierce: Two Things I See for 2020!
Mark Gonzales: Bridling Your Tongue and Speaking Words of Life!

Tim Sheets: Receiving a New Backbone to Move with Fierce Boldness!
Venner Alston: Distinctions of the Coming Decade!
Mesfin Mulugeta: A New Anointing for Healing, Miracles and Evangelism!
Robert Heidler: Celebrating the Hebrew Month of Tevet: Entering a Year to SEE and DECREE!
Receive your commission to decree, and the diligence necessary to guard and frame your speech in this mystical, supernatural era!*Misty Edward's session not included in CD Set.