Passover 5780: Roaring As You Cross Over

Passover 5780: Roaring As You Cross Over!

April 9 - 12, 2020

Not since the original observance in Egypt has there been a Passover with families gathered in homes behind closed doors. However, this modern-day Passover was not only celebrated by God's covenant people (the Jews), but by Gentiles around the world as well. In this Divine Pause created by a global pandemic, the Lord aligned a remnant to come out and cross over with a roar! Each of these sessions will shift your mentality for how to advance in this new era:

Robert Heidler: Celebrating the Passover Seder!
Chuck Pierce: Plowing Through to Tightening Your Belt!
Dutch Sheets: Tapping the Mercy Roots for a Turnaround at Passover!
Chuck Pierce: Going from Passover into Promise ... Let Faith Explode!
Robert Heidler: The Real Meaning of Passover ... Turning Back the Destroyer!
Daniel & Amber Pierce: Returning to the Original Passover: Dealing with the Invisible Enemy of Fear!
Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney and Keith Pierce: Testimonies of Passing Over!
Barry Maracle: A Set Back for a Set Up Revival!
Paul Wilbur: A Celebration of the Passover Shabbat as One New Man!
Jacqueline Del Rosario: Passing Over into a New Realm of Faith!
Kent Mattox: Moving from Dissonance into God's Resolution!
Johnny Taylor: The Power of the Remnant for the Coming Harvest!
Barbara Yoder: God's Strategy to Realign and Reposition for Deliverance!
Isaac Pitre: The Power of the Blood to Stop the Spirit of Death!
Car Anointing Fire Tunnel Recap
Robert Heidler: The Secret of the Upper Room ... Receiving the Spirit of Life!

This is the time to loose your roar as you continue crossing over into the Passover decade