Pentecost 2021

Pentecost 5781: From the Threshing Floor to the Promise!

Pentecost is a chosen time to equip us with the provision and power needed to prosper in the season ahead.  When we align with God’s calendar of blessing, the windows of Heaven open so fresh revelation pours down upon us to accelerate in God’s Kingdom plan.  Our Pentecost 5781 Celebration was a Kairos opportunity to be divinely positioned to prosper in a new identity.  Each of our sessions increased our expectation for what is being poured out on the “threshing floor”:

*James and Robyn Vincent: The Upper Room “Unplugged!”

*Threshed: The Story of Ruth (Musical Production)

Chuck Pierce: Warring With the Dragon Through Firstfruits!

Jane Hamon: The Season of Double Portion, Double Pey!

Daniel and Amber Pierce: Clean Out Your Garage and Return to a Place of Restoration! 

Demontae Edmonds: Keys to Reaping the Harvest … Being a Living Witness! 

Isaac Petrie: Pentecost Paradigms … Let Him Out!

Robert Heidler: Celebrating Pentecost … The Feast of the Holy Spirit: Let the Fire Fall!

This is your time to multiply your harvest and secure the possessions the Lord is calling you to watch over.  Celebrate the promise of the outpouring and break into multiplication!


* The Upper Room "Unplugged!" and Threshed: The Story of Ruth (Musical Production) included in DVD set only