Starting the Year Off Right 2021

 Starting the Year Off Right 2021: A Year of War and Triumph!

Our worship and warfare is moving us past obstacles and opposition to advance in triumph! As we align in God’s timing, He is releasing strategies that will secure our victory.  Our Starting the Year Off Right 2021celebration was an incredible time of going higher to see from a heavenly perspective.  In this year to declare as Father’s spokesperson, these sessions will help unlock the sound of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah within you!

Chuck Pierce: Staying in Timing With God’s Revelation!
Robert Heidler: 2021 … A Year of War and Triumph!
*Reseating the Native Leaders
Dutch Sheets: God Matured Us Through 2020!
*Julie Meyer: Singing the Psalms
John Price: Preparing for the New Wineskin!
Sheryl Price: Living in the New Wineskin!
*Misty Edwards: Prophetic Warfare Worship
*Rebekah Wagner: A Heart of Worship From Israel
Amber Pierce: Choices that Lead to Your Destiny!
Chuck D. Pierce: Are We Afraid for Him to Pour Out the Bowls?
Daniel Pierce: The Power of Determination!
*Robby Cummings: Kingdom Worship
Ramiro Peña: The Weapon of Truth!
*TY Bello:  A New Song for a New Season!
Isaac Pitre: A Release of Joy for Strength to War and Subdue!
Mike Jacobs: Shouting “Peace” to Overcome the Dragon!
Cindy Jacobs: Putting on the Whole Armor of God to Stand in 2021!
*Steve Swanson: New Dimension Worship
Sean Feucht: The New Move of God Has Already Begun!
*Rebekah Wagner: A Heart of Worship From Israel
*Worshiping and Warring into the New Year!
Chuck D. Pierce: Determined to Press Into the New!
Robert Heidler: Advancing with Abraham and Paul!
Barbara Yoder: A New Sound Arising!
Barbara Wentroble: Let the Fire of God Burn!
Rose Sambrook: Unshakable Trust in the Midst of Chaos!

Enter into the worship, revelation and insight from this historic gathering, and determine to press into the new from a position of triumph!

*Worship sessions available on DVD only