Head of the Year 5778

If ever a corporate gathering manifested the expectation, excitement, and faith of a new beginning, it was our Head of the Year 5778 Celebration. As God’s triumphant people moved past the threshold of the old, we pressed in to not only the year of Ayin Chet, but a new era of expressing His Kingdom purposes. Head of the Year 5778 was a moving feast of encounters with the Spirit of God, culminating in a release of the angelic host of heaven among us and into the year ahead.  Every speaker broke open a fresh portion of revelation of the glory and warfare that lies before us.  Allow the Lord to use each of these sessions to help form your new identity for the year ahead!

Sessions include: 

Chuck Pierce:Transitioning from the Vav to the Crowned Sword to the New Door!Dutch Sheets: Recovering the Original Rosh Hashanah … The Apostolic Ecclesia Arising!
Martin Sarvis: Creating a Dwelling Place and Becoming a Dwelling Place!
Norma Sarvis: Remembering to Bring Action!
Katharine Weiss: Ruth, the 8th Book - the Book of the One New Man!
Myles Weiss: The Season of Chet … The Doorway on to the New!
Ramiro Pena: Raise Your Expectations for the New Year!
Trevor Baker:  Supernatural Faith for Supernatural Miracles!
Isaac Pitre: Going Through the Door from Earth to Heaven! 
Neigel Bigpond: Forgiveness … the Key to go Through Your Gate! 
Kent Mattox: A Significant Season, a Significant Sound!
Sunday Sinyangwe: Intercession and Worship from Africa … Silencing Leviathan!
Emmanuel Kure: 5778 … A Year of Sound When Your Destiny Changes!
Daniel and Amber Pierce
: Rosh Hashanah Video Update from Israel!
Robert Heidler:5778 … The Year of the New Beginning: Going Through the Gateway to Your Future!
Chuck Pierce: Worship Celebration to Welcome the Angels and Enter the New Year!

The door to 5778 has opened … step in and begin securing your glory portion!

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