A New Cleansing for A New Harvest

Hosted at the Global Spheres Center on May 9-11, 2016 this amazing time of teaching, revelation and ministry helped us press forward on allowing the river of our spirit to flow in a new way, and each night we allowed the truth of the Word of God to wash and liberate us - body, soul and spirit. All morning sessions were led by Glory of Zion International Leaders, and evening sessions were led by Chris Hayward, President of Cleansing Stream Ministries. This set also includes a foundational message by Chuck Pierce to help understand who is opposing us. Unless we recognize our enemy, we will not rise up to defeat the devil, take back what has already has been won for us, and advance on our path of healing and restoration.

Speakers include: Chuck Pierce, Robert Heidler, Janice Swinney, Linda Heidler, Marty Cassady and Chris Hayward.