Head of the Year 5776 - 2015

OurHead of the Year 5776 Celebration onSeptember 17-20, 2015 was one of the largest gatherings we have ever hosted at the Global Spheres Center. At the start of the Hebraic Year 5776, the year of Ayin Vav, we experienced an incredible release of revelation and impartation to establish our direction for the year ahead. Each of our speakers helped us grasp not only the "vav" character of 5776, but how to break open the gates of access and provision for our future. 

Speakers include: Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Joan Swallow, Peter Wagner, Pearl Kupe, Emmanuel Kure, Judy Jacobs, Robert Heidler, Henryk Wieja, Jenny Watson, Steven Springer, Trevor Baker and Norma Sarvis.

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