Head of the Year 5777 - 2016

There are many times when we talk about shifts or the beginning of a new season. However, by the time our Head of the Year 5777 Celebration concluded, there was no doubt that we have crossed over into a new year and a new season! Holy Spirit opened up a path of revelation into the Hebraic Year that enabled us to press past the confusion and uncertainty around us. In this year of the Sword of the LORD, we must rise up in the delegated authority given to us by the One who judges from Heaven’s Court. Each of these sessions reveal a fresh aspect of the Word that we can wield to divide and cut open the way before us.

This conference set includes messages from Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Negiel Bigpond, Venner Alston, Jenny Watson, Trevor Baker, Ramiro Pena, Harald Eckert, Peter Wagner, Robert Heidler, Daniel & Amber Pierce and Keith Pierce.


CD Set Only