Head of the Year 5780

Head of the Year 5780 was an era-defining gathering … an equipping and “sending” time beyond any we have ever hosted.  During this weekend of celebration, we entered a progression of declaration that will transform our future.  The Hebraic year 5780 marks a transition from seeing to decreeing and commanding our future, and each of our speakers broke open a facet of this new era. These sessions will help activate your speech as a new sharp threshing instrument for the season ahead:

Dutch Sheets: 5 Points of Revelation for the New Era!
Friday Worship Declaration
Robert Heidler: The Hebrew Year 5780 … Breakthrough into a New Era!

Barbara Yoder: Becoming New from the Inside Out … Changes in Vision, Sound and Healing!
Chuck D. Pierce: Face to Face … Entering a Season of Transference of Mantles!
John & Sheryl Price: Passion for Seeing God Face to Face!
Isaac Pitre: The Era of Speaking Spirits … Recovering the Authority of Our Voice!
Saturday Worship Declaration
Lawrence & Christine Ana: Three Things We Need for the Season Ahead!

Kent Mattox: Recalibrating for the New Era!
Blake Healy: Activating Dreams and Visions for the New Era!
Chuck D. Pierce: Honoring the Nations!
Sunday Sinyangwe:
A New Baptism for a New Dimension!
Robert Heidler: Opening a Portal … Creating a Stronghold!
Chuck D. Pierce: An Apostolic Charge for a New Era!

This is your time to come face to face with the roar of Heaven and command your opening in a new era!