Head of the Year 5781

Head of the Year 5781: A New Era for Breaking Curses!

Head of the Year 5781 was a historic celebration that pivoted us into this new era for breaking curses.  This is a time when our words need to be weaponized with faith so that when we speak, curses are reversed and strongholds fall. Each speaker equipped us to uncover and uproot ungodly roots in our bloodlines, and each session helped remove muzzles that mute our voice of freedom:

Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler: 5781 … The Year of Aleph Pey: The Year to Break the Curse!
Friday and Saturday Worship Declaration
Stella Timmons: Progression …  Where Do We Go from Here? 

Ramiro Peńa: Activating Our Prophetic Words … Speak it, Fight for it, Declare Victory! 
Daniel and Amber Pierce: Breaking Curses for Freedom!
Sam Caster: Changing the Market of Sick Care for Kingdom Advancement!
Isaac Pitre: Guardians of the Galaxy … Reversing the Curse!
Kent Mattox: Alabama … Creating a Model for Transformation of a State!

First Nations Worship and Prophetic Declarations to Break the Curse of Racism!
Stephen Strang: Discerning the Times and Knowing What to Do!
David Harris: I Cannot Keep Silent … a Testimony of the Faithfulness of God!
Troy Brewer: Prophetic Times … Intimacy and the Key of David!
Dutch Sheets: Everything is About to Change!

In this “hinge” year, there is a call to overturn the curses that have captured our bloodlines.  Enter into this Head of the Year Celebration and receive your commissioning to go forth in overcoming faith … for everything is about to change!