Passover 5777: A Time To Unseal the Future

Passover 5777: A Time to Unseal the Future!

Hosted at the Global Spheres Center on April 13-16, 2017

In one of the most extraordinary gatherings we have ever hosted, we PASSED OVERinto a new season of anointing and resurrection power. Each day, the LORD met us in almost-unimaginable ways, as Holy Spirit orchestrated the alignment and expressions of people, tribes and nations. Futures and destinies that had been sealed for generations were unlocked in the progression of sound and revelation that burst forth throughout the weekend. If you have any doubt about your new place of victory and favor, these sessions will help you "cross over!”

This conference set includes messages from Chuck Pierce, Robert Heidler, Negiel Bigpond, Dutch Sheets, Venner Alston, Tom Hamon, Kent Mattox, Isaac Petrie, Daniel and Amber Pierce, Steven Springer and Joe Donnell.