Pentecost Celebration 2020

Pentecost 5780/2020 Celebration!

May 28-29, 2020

This is an era of Holy Spirit movement!  We have pressed from a modern-day Passover to a present-day Pentecost, and must now go beyond.  Our Pentecost Celebration was an incredible weekend of unlocking, pouring out, and advancing into enlarged boundaries!  Even though minefields may be embedded in the harvest fields before us, we have been empowered and equipped to advance.  Each of these sessions will help you receive the Lord’s abundant provision for your physical needs, as well as His revelation and power in this time of our outpouring. 

Robert Heidler: The Firstfruits of Sivan for 2020 … Unlocking Pentecost Provision! 
Global Prayer Call for Shavuot!
Chuck Pierce: Moving from a Modern Day Passover to a Present Day Pentecost … a Look at Joshua’s Pentecost!

Isaac Pitre: Releasing the Body of Christ into Demonstration of Holy Spirit!
Norma Sarvis: What is Happening in Israel … Natural Events with Spiritual Lessons!
Chuck Pierce with Daniel and Amber Pierce: Moving Toward a Present Day Pentecost!
Troy Brewer: Changing Wineskins for the New Wine of Pentecost!
Robert Heidler: When the Spirit Fills the House … Celebrating Pentecost Like the Apostles!
James Keller: The Faith for Miracles!
Larry Bizette: Crisis, Contending and Conquering for the Transfer of Wealth!
Barbara Wentroble: A Time for Glory Harvest!
Paul Wilbur: A Bride Prepared for the Son of God!
John Price: Coming out of the Reset!
Sheryl Price: Coming out of the Wilderness with the Power of Pentecost!
Robert Heidler: Sivan, the Month of Zebulun … The Key to Enlarging Your Boundaries at Pentecost! 

Enter into your time of divine aligning, ordering and moving into Holy Spirit harvest!