Starting The Year Off Right 2015

Here at the Global Spheres Center in Corinth, Texas, we love to start the year off right! Our celebration on January 1-4, 2015 was an amazing time of revelation, joy, and impartation. We actually began a day early with an International Night of Worshipin five languages, led by James Vincentand team, and followed by a Turnaround Servicewith Cindy and Mike Jacobs.This helped loose an anointing to be sure that all of us were turned out of the old and into the new, as we began 2015.

During the rest of our weekend together, we continued to experience an incredible release of revelation and impartation, to establish our footing for the year ahead. Each of our speakers helped us develop a new level of expectation, as well as helping us embrace the identity the Lord is calling us into, for the season ahead.

Speakers include: Chuck Pierce, Robert Heidler, Dutch Sheets, Curt Landry, Hartmut Sieper, David Hartmann, Peter Wagner, Barbara Yoder, Cathryn and Peter Nash, Daniel and Amber Pierce, Tim Carscadden, Emmanuel Kure, Dean Mitchum and James Vincent.