Starting the Year off Right 2019

Starting the Year Off Right 2019: Celebrating God's Goodness

January 3-6, 2019

Sessions include: 

  • Chuck D. Pierce: 2019 … The Year to Plow Through It!
  • Dutch Sheets: Decreeing the Word of the Lord in the Fullness of Time!
  • Friday Worship Declaration
  • Chuck D. Pierce: Anointing Elisha Prophets to Take Down Jezebel!
  • Jacqueline Del Rosario: Preparation, Process and Five Smooth Stones!
  • Venner Alston: The Season of the Wind … a Tactical Reset for Realignment and Redeployment! 
  • Rose Sambrook: Taking the Road Less Traveled on the Adventure of 2019!
  • Eleanor Roehl: A Testimony of Restored Inheritance!
  • Cindy Jacobs: A Year of Joyful Increase!
  • Saturday Worship Declaration
  • Chuck Pierce/Negiel Bigpond/Willie Jock: First Nations Decrees to Open Doors!
  • Ramiro Peña: Three Primary Words for this Year … Harvest, Prosperity and Nations!
  • Isaac Pitre: Manifesting as Sons of God … Speaking to Creation Like Jesus Did!
  • John and Sheryl Price: Breaking the Bastard Spirit from Individuals and the Nation!
  • Chuck Pierce and James Vincent: Ascending in Worship for a Glory Outpouring!
  • Robert Heidler: The Month of Shevat, 2019: Getting On Track for your Future!
  • Bonus Message from Israel … Amber Pierce: From the River to the Rapids!