Starting the Year Off Right 2022

Starting the Year Off Right 2022: A New Caravan is on the Way!

December 31, 2021 - January 2, 2022

What a supernatural weekend of being seated in the heavenlies! The Lord sovereignly redirected our Starting the Year Off Celebration to begin with Firstfruits! He is well able to focus our attention so we know how to advance in His timing and where to look for the manifestation of His provision. Each successive session reinforced the divine call to come up higher!

Chuck Pierce: A Time to Align for Harvest (KHA Commissioning)
Robert Heidler: The Hebrew Month of Shevat 2022 ... Getting Back on Track With God!
*First Nations Worship: A New Sound and a New Apostolic Commissioning!
Venner Alston: Come Up Here! Out of the Hallway and Through the Door Into a New Dimension!
Kent Mattox: Ascending Into the Heavenlies to See Things Shift!
Isaac Pitre: Seated in Your Position of Authority and Operating in Your Identity for Our Inheritance!
Mike Jacobs: A Season of Unlocking the Harvest!
Cindy Jacobs: Breaking a Spirit of Poverty and Believing God for Big Things!
Chuck Pierce: Vision for Your Future!

In this year, allow the Lord to direct your worship so you are aligned with His schedule of presenting your first and best. Then watch how He calls you up and sends you out to see your new caravan on the way!


*First Nations Worship not included in CD Set.

$35.00 (Reg. $50.00)