Unlocking A Nation From Texas

Unlocking A Nation From Texas: A Time to Awaken, Emerge and Plunder!

We are living in times of great change. Seasons have shifted, and we must learn to advance in a new way. As we move into something unfamiliar, we do not want to venture alone. Rather, this is a time for the Triumphant Reserve to mobilize for the release of revelation that will open up our way for the future. That is why Chuck D. Pierce and Dutch Sheets have purposed to visit 22 cities over the course of a year to help unlock the next move of God in this nation.

Unlocking a Nation from San Marcos, Texas was the fourth of these Isiah 22:22 series of gatherings around the nation. Only the LORD could have called us together so strategically, in time and space. This meeting on November, 11 - 12, 2016 followed a historic presidential election, and set a new standard for state-wide gatherings that will impact this nation for years to come. God's glory met us in a time ordained by Him to forbid and permit, and to exercise governmental authority to unlock the destiny of our nation. Bob Long, Tom Schlueter and Ramiro Peña joined Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets to help legislate in the heavenlies. Rise up and enter into this unlocking call!