Head of the Year 5783

Head of the Year 5783: The War for Divine Recovery!

Head of the Year 5783 was an incredible weekend of activation for divine recovery! The revelation that broke forth through this prophetic portal established a course of supernatural confrontation to war for the opening of new supply routes.  Each speaker and each session tuned the Body of Christ to new frequencies of divine supply.


Chuck Pierce: Pulling Heaven’s Breakthrough Into Earth … Wearing His Glory!

Robert Heidler: The Hebrew Year 5783 … A Year to War for Divine Return and Open New Supply Routes!

*Pressing Into the Heavens: Prophetic Worship and Intercession with Chuck Pierce, James & Robyn Vincent, and Venner Alston

*First Nations Worship: Releasing the Sound of One New Man That Will Cause Jerichos to Fall!

Kent Mattox: A Prototype to Ignite the Triumphant Reserve for Divine Recovery!

Let the Prophets Speak: A 5783 Breakout with Chuck Pierce, James Keller, Sheryl Price, Pasqual & Norma Urrabazo and Deborah DeGar

*Misty Edwards:A Prophetic Psalmist Calling the Body to Ascend in 5783!

Daniel Pierce: Treasure and Trade Routes!

Amber Pierce: Keys to Prospering!

Isaac Pitre: Divine Recovery and New Supply!

Awaken to the clarion call of divine recovery and accelerate into 5783!  This is the year you will war to recover all!


*Worship sessions not included in CD Set