Welcome to – the Root– a unique gift-shop celebrating the rich Hebraic inheritance into which we have been grafted. the Root is a resource for vintage and antique Judaica and Israeliana, as well as other pieces of prophetic interest from around the world. As you peruse these offerings from the Root, we trust you will enjoy the variety of artistic and spiritual expression represented, and perhaps find something that speaks directly to you.


The term Judaica  refers to items related to and used in the worship and life-expression of the Jews. These pieces can be of great age or modern. They can be made of the costliest materials or the most humble. Their places of origin reflect the diaspora of the Jewish people across the earth, with pieces coming from Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa, and the Far East.

Israeliana and Israeli Decorative Arts

Israeliana is a term used to describe items created in or related to the Land of Israel, especially since it was reborn as a nation in 1948. After attaining statehood, a vibrant Arts and Crafts Industry began to flourish in Israel. It offered affordable decorative art for the new immigrants of the Land and also appealed to Jews living outside of Israel, as well as tourists and pilgrims.  Several workshops operated in the nation from the 1950's –1970's, creating a variety of décor, arts and crafts, souvenirs and gift items. As most modern pieces of Judaica are being mass-produced in countries such as China, it is becoming  increasingly difficult to find native Israel-made objects.

Among the makers were: Pal Bell, Dayagi, Hakuli, Oppenheim, Tamar, Wainberg, Chen Holon and more. Items bearing the name of the maker are typically of more value than unmarked pieces. Most of these workshops closed during the 1970's, and the beautiful works of art they created are becoming increasingly rare and expensive. Also important are items from the Bezalel Academy, Israel’s national school of art founded in 1906. It has a rich heritage of artistic expression, with early pieces reflecting a blend of Jewish/Mid-Eastern and European styles. Objects of Bezalel origin are expensive and sought-after pieces. You may occasionally find an item of Israeliana described by the term “Brutalist”. This is a post-war architectural and decorative art style that was popular in Israel at the time, as it expressed visually the anti-Semitic and holocaust experiences of the Jewish people during the 1930’s and 40’s.

BLESSINGS  —  Glory of Zion/Global Spheres 

PLEASE READ!!  Since the great majority of items in the Root are vintage or antique, they are not in pristine, new condition but show signs of wear commensurate with their age. These treasures are left "as found", bearing the patina produced by their history. Please take this into consideration when you order. If you want something shiny and new, the antique/vintage items from the Root may not be for you. However, we do stock some new items which will be noted, though these are typically not made in Israel. Lastly, please note that most of the antique and vintage pieces are singular examples and subject to prior sale in the store onsite at the Global Spheres Center. Though we work diligently to keep the webstore inventory up-to-date, there may occasionally be an item that is unavailable.You are welcome to call with any questions.

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