Songs of Faith and Fun with John Dickson

This compilation of songs by John Dickson is a must for thoseof you who long to kick up your heelsand laugh. John is one who brings joy from heaven, into the earth realm. Let this album help you break out with joy, shout, dance, leap, and be filled with faith


1. The Camels are Coming
2. Tis So Sweet
3. One More Time
4. Shaking it Loose
5. Yes I Will
6. The Best is Yet Ahead
7. But God
8. Prayer Warrior
9. Herod's Song
10. Thunder and Lightning
11. The Compost Song
12. By My God
13. The Lord is My Shepherd
14. Supernaturally
15. The Tent Peg
16. Shut Your Mouth
17. My New Path of Favor
18. Let Me Outta Here
19. The New Testament Song
20. Jump in the River
21. Get Up