Positioned for Advancement

This gathering will be recognized as one the most foundational gatherings we have ever hosted.  Our understanding of the significance of the redemptive gathering and timing has grown since the first time we taught on the significance of tribes and months in the Issachar School. 

As Believers, we are grafted into God’s covenant plan with Abraham through Jesus Christ.  Our righteous breastplate in Ephesians 6 is made up of the redemptive blessings of each tribe in Christ Jesus. Understanding the prophetic significance and the characteristics of the tribes of Israel is vital for gaining insight into prophetic fulfillment of our roles in our territory. This helps us develop the Lord’s redemptive plan and see a manifestation of His purposes in our territory.  Furthermore, studying time from a Hebraic perspective helps us receive prophetic understanding on how the Lord orders our steps throughout the year.

Speakers include: Chuck Pierce, Robert Heidler, Linda Heidler, Paul Wilbur and Chris Hayward.