Unlocking Your Supernatural

Unlocking Your Supernatural: Kingdom Keys for Accessing the Glory Realm

Two people with similar backgrounds meet and fall in love. They live happily ever after… That’s the traditional story, anyway, but these two people had the opposite experience, with a relationship spiraling out of control into chaos and dysfunction. Each knew that a change was necessary. After entering an encounter with Jesus Christ and His Church, their lives were never the same!
Read the story of how the Living God transformed not only the personal lives, but the lives of others as He supernaturally led Robert and Eleanor Roehl on a healing journey that included life-changing ministry and miracles! Learn how the Lord used them to bring healing, miracles, and transformation to others as they learned His ways! Find out the principles they followed to grow in their walk with their Lord and Savior, so that you can apply them in your own life.
This fascinating story of an Alaskan Native couple will change your perspective on Jesus Christ and His Church, especially if you think church is a dead place, a place just for learning and following the rules, or even a place where people are sure to be hurt by overbearing leaders. Reading this short testimony of Christ’s very personal love will encourage any believer and convince the skeptic.

By Robert & Eleanor Roehl