Joy in the War

Joy in the War: Expand Your Ability to Embrace Hope in the Heat of Battle

Find Joy in the Midst of Devastating Events

As we walk out our lives with the Lord, we will experience times of warfare on a spiritual level that will test our strength. Rarely do we realize that joy is the key to overcoming trauma and maintaining the vision that He has for our lives.

Joy strengthens us and enables us not only to endure hardship but to gain maturity from our struggles. When we choose to align with God's purposes, the conflict and spiritual warfare surrounding us cannot stop His joy from manifesting and releasing strength and purpose that empower us to triumph in times of hardship.

These lessons from Daniel and Amber Pierce -- part of the family of Chuck Pierce -- have been walked out over the past decade as Daniel and Amber have lived in the land of Israel, a place where war is a constant threat and lessons for America and the church can be gleaned.

JOY RISES ABOVE circumstances and focuses on the character of GOD