The Gathering of the Sacred Nations of the Land 2023

The Gathering of the Sacred Nations of the Land 2023

April 5-7, 2023

The Gathering of the Sacred Nations of the Land was nothing short of historic!  What transpired as our First Nations were repositioned back into God’s covenant order, and their voice was restored to our land, helped return the blessings that God intended for this nation.  As the First Nations made their Grand Entry, an honoring of God’s principle of “first” was activated in our First People.  These three days for unifying the tribes, celebrating their redemptive gifts, and addressing racism saw the restoration of a God-given authority to our First People. As these sessions show, every tribe and nation is always welcome to come to the Global Spheres Center and bring their worship to God, the Creator.

Grand Entry with Kiowa Black Leggings, Chuck Pierce, and Negiel Bigpond
Worship with Richelle Darby Garcia and The Impact Center*
A Call for the Unification of a Nation with Negiel Bigpond
Worship with Kelly Fink*
God’s First Principle with Chuck Pierce
Welcome to the Land with Negiel Bigpond and Randy Wade
Unification to a Nation with Negiel Bigpond, Chuck Pierce, and Kenny Blacksmith
The Apology Now with Chuck Pierce, Negiel Bigpond, Sam Brownback & Jean Stephenson
Miracle Center Dedication with Chuck Pierce, Kiowa Black Leggings, Worship with The Impact Center, and Generations & Peoples Agreeing for Miracle Manifestation
Worship with Erica Bread*
Redemptive Words and Protocol Presentations from Tribal Leaders and Representatives with Todd Finney, Randy Wade, and Mary Faus
Worship with Robby Cummings*
Greetings and Invited Messages from David Rosen, Melvin Battiest, Gabriel Ward, Francine O’Brien, Milo Siilata, and Clifton Pettit
Worship with Two Rivers Morningstar Church of All Nations*
Greetings and Invited Messages from Ben Cyrus and Todd Finney
Activating Your Redemptive Identity with Chuck Pierce and Joan Swallow
Redemptive Gift Release from Tribal Representatives with Mary Faus

After bringing together our First Nations under a Kingdom anointing and sending them forth with reestablished authority, we are crossing over to Kingdom conquest.  Celebrate and honor the gifts of our First Nations people as they are restored and operative to advance the Kingdom of God in this land.

*Worship session's not included in CD set.