12 Tribes Anointing Oils

Each Oil is 1/6 oz. 
All oils made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from Israel.
Tribe of Judah Anointing Oil
This unique blend of rose and oak fragrance represents the tribe of Judah perfectly. Rose is for the beauty of their worship and oak represents the strength it takes to lead or be first.
Rev. 5:5, Gen. 49:8-12
Tribe of Issachar Anointing Oil
Just as the Tribe of Issachar understood the times and seasons, God wants us to be in His timing and know the season we are in. Raisin and Fig fragrance was chosen for this oil in reference to I Chronicles 12:40.
Gen. 49:14-15, Deut. 33:19, I Chronicles 12:32
Tribe of Zebulun Anointing Oil
This anointing has the fresh, clean scent of ocean salt water. Zebulun is linked with the month of Sivan, the covenant month. As you give to the Lord, expect to receive your covenant blessings!
Gen. 49:13, Deut. 33:18-19
Tribe of Reuben Anointing Oil
The fragrance of Reuben is a special blend of rose, patchouli, cedar wood and orange. Even though Reuben made some mistakes, he was able to redeem himself with qualities of strength and power.
Gen. 37:21-22, Gen. 49:3, Deut. 33:6
Tribe of Simeon Anointing Oil
This herbal fragrance blend of basil and orange was made to represent a butterfly garden. Simeon is linked with the month of Av, a time to hear God and choose to metamorphose into who He is calling you to be.
Heb. 3:13
Tribe of Gad Anointing Oil
This fragrant blend of grass, rose and jasmine represents Gad and "the King is in the field!" This is a time to "Dwell in His Presence" and receive mercy and forgiveness.
Gen. 30:11, Deut. 33:20-21
Tribe of Ephraim Anointing Oil
A fruity blend of fig, pomegranate, apple and orange represent Ephraim as a time to be fruitful and multiply!
Gen. 48, Deut. 33:16-17, Zech. 10:7
Tribe of Manasseh Anointing Oil
A spicy blend of Myrrh and Cassia make up the fragrance of Manasseh. This is a time to "leap forward" into a new anointing.
Gen. 48, Gen. 41:51, Deut. 33:13-17
Tribe of Benjamin Anointing Oil
This floral combination of dogwood and jasmine with a hint of musk is used to represent Benjamin. Allow the Lord to stir up revelation through your dreams.
Gen. 49:27, Deut. 33:12
Tribe of Dan Anointing Oil
The fragrance for Dan is a woodsy blend of sage and cedar. Step on the serpent's head and declare "I will keep growing in my walk with God! I will not back up!"
Gen. 49:16-18, Deut. 33:22
Tribe of Asher Anointing Oil
A sweet blend of fig and pomegranate. Shout and declare "my blessings are on the way!"
Gen. 49:20, Deut. 33:24-25
Tribe of Naphtali Anointing Oil
The sweet combination of orange and almond make up the fragrance of Naphtali. A time to celebrate and receive favor!
Gen. 49:21, Deut. 33:23, Hab. 3:19