Apostolic Expansion: The Kingdom War for Territorial Gains

The kingdom of God is not a utopia. It’s a reality that is part of a territory. It’s a harvest growing in the nations that will cover the whole earth. It’s the fruit of the apostolic expansion that God generates in the face of his enemies.
After the success of his first book, Apostolic Centers, Alain Caron returns with a new guide that goes even further and helps the church to advance with a strategy of conquest that makes darkness tremble.

In Apostolic Expansion: The Kingdom War for Territorial Gains you will find:
  • The key of the prophetic chamber
  • The apostolic marching orders
  • The ekklesia that’s governing the kingdom
  • The kingdom basis of operations
  • The strategic plans for the conquest
  • The victory that releases the provisions
  • Heaven’s headquarters
  • The keys of the harvest and of the double portion
  • The access points of heaven on the earth
  • The outposts of the heavenly troops
  • The covenant that gathers the armies
  • The title deeds of the kingdom
  • The role of apostolic centers
  • How to rule from the garden
  • And so much more . . .