A New Era of Prophecy

We live in the most revelatory season ever! God is speaking. He wants us to learn to hear and recognize His voice.

A New Era of Prophecy: Prepare to Listen! shares how the gift of prophecy plays an essential role in the world today and inspires readers to listen to what God is speaking. Through a profound book of spiritual insight and revelatory wisdom, the author explores the gift of hearing from God through the prophetic and growing closer with the Holy Spirit through this gift.

With powerful biblical teaching and numerous practical methods to improve the reader's active listening skills, the author effectively maintains an uplifting voice of encouragement and positivity, inspiring the reader with not only the reality of hearing God's voice but the certainty this possibility exists for believers today.

The author's writing exemplifies a wise understanding of the relevancy of prophecy in today's day and age, equipping the reader to comprehend the value and significance of the prophetic. Throughout the book, the author's writing is eloquent, expressive, and informative, with comprehensive details and organized thoughts to equip the reader to comprehend the value and significance of prophetic revelation. This book will help you to develop your spiritual ears to hear and recognize the voice of God.

By: Karen Blanks Adams