A Time to Roar from Zion!

A Time to Roar from Zion!

 Sound creates movement and allows us to gain access to new boundaries.  Our “Time to Roar from Zion” Movement Weekend was an explosion of worship and revelation to break us into  new cycles of blessing.  Although the enemy may be roaring like a lion, this is a season for God’s people to roar more loudly and declare, “My breakthrough is coming!”Every testing you’ve had can produce a testimony which will cause you to shout your way into enlargement. Each of these sessions will help unlock your sound and align you for advancement.

Paul Wilbur: “A Night to Roar from Zion!”

Chuck D. Pierce: “Judah Goes First … Shifting Seasons, Restoration and Redemption!”

Paul Wilbur: “A Time for Restoration!”

Robert Heidler: “Opening Heaven with a New Song … The Spiritual Power of Sound!”

Venner Alston: “An Apostolic-Prophetic Charge: Boundaries and Weapons for the Season Ahead!”

Robert Heidler: “Breaking out of the Curse and Entering God’s Blessing in the Month of Av!”

 Enter into the amazing worship and prophetic revelation, and release the roar of the Lion of Judah that will cause you to break through every narrow, confining place.

  *Due to copyright issues, Friday night's Paul Wilbur concert will not be include