Apostolic Centers Today

The Church is beginning to model new forms of Kingdom authority. The gifts that the Lord gave when He ascended are being manifested in ways that are impacting cities, states and territories. Apostolic Centers (Freedom Outposts) are being raised up for the future which will serve as Kingdom-driven reform centers! Messages included are:

  • Going Beyond Pentecost: Heading to Antioch!
  • Antioch Today: Modern Apostolic Hubs are Forming!
  • Apostolic Hubs: Understanding Ephesus!
  • The Apostolic Hub at Corinth: Reaching the Hard Core Lost!
  • Walking in the World but Not Being of the World: As Unto the Lord!
  • The Apostolic Hub at Rome!
  • From Rome to Iona to Corinth, Texas!
  • A Time to Restore: Your House, the Tabernacle and the Land!

Allow this series of messages to not only take you on a journey of understanding, but also to activate you in new dimension of identity and mission.