Breakthrough Prayers, Decrees and Confessions

Are you tired of suffering defeat after defeat in prayer?

Does it seem that you are waiting for responses to prayers, yet manifestation is delayed?

Have you become discouraged in prayer because you have not experienced breakthrough responses to your prayers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. Within pages of this book you will find targeted prayers, decrees and confessions that can help you to increase your spiritual capacity to overcome the powers of darkness. This book also includes a helpful guide to praying through the eight prayer watches.

As a partner book to Next-Level Spiritual Warfare, Advanced Strategies for Defeating the Enemy, this book is sure to become a vital tool in your spiritual arsenal. As you consistently include the prayers, decrees and confessions in your daily prayer times, you will experience great spiritual breakthroughs. These prayers, decrees and confessions will provide a strong prayer foundation positioning you for greater spiritual victories including...

  • Overcoming the spirit of delay
  • Dismantling threefold cords of wickedness
  • Greater effectiveness in praying through the watches of the day and night
  • Greater prayer accuracy as you learn to identify how the enemy is operating against you 

The Church has been given supernatural weapons to overcome every attack of the enemy and enforce the victories of Christ. As a believer, you are a heavily armed soldier of the Kingdom of God. Now is your time to develop greater prayer accuracy, which will lead you to greater prayer effectiveness. as you do, you will possess every promise the Lord has spoken over you.

 By Venner Alston