Deliverance: The Freedom to Release Your Voice!

Deliverance: The Freedom to Release Your Voice!

February 21 - 23, 2020

In this new era, how we speak is how our freedom will manifest!

The Freedom to Release Your Voice was an amazing weekend to unlock an overcoming sound within God's people. In a Hebraic month (Adar) associated with deliverance, each of these sessions will serve as a springboard for stepping into a greater expression of who you were created to be:

Chuck Pierce: A New Era of Deliverance!
Bill Sudduth: Exposing and Breaking Roots of Freemasonry!
Trisha Roselle: How to Overcome Fear!
Doris Wagner: What Goes on in a Deliverance Session!
Sheryl Price: Discerning of Spirits! 
and John Price: A New Season with Many Kinds of Deliverance!
Friday and Saturday Worship Watches
Chuck Pierce: Becoming a People of Faith and Demonstration!
Trauma Panel with Chuck Pierce: How Trauma Works!, Linda Heidler: Left Brain and Right Brain in Trauma!, 
and Janice Swinney: Healing from Trauma!
Janice Swinney: From Trauma to Triumph!
Linda Heidler: The Redemptive Work of Trauma!
Chris Hayward: Rock the Boat!
Bill Sudduth: Prayer of Release from Freemasonry!
Robert Heidler: Arising into Your Moment of Destiny ... Keys to Deliverance in the Feast of Purim!

This is your time to break free from oppression and see curses overturned! Receive your next portion of freedom as you release your deliverance cry!