God's Calendar

God's Calendaris a special boxed set of 4 DVDs containing 14 full-length messages on Rosh Chodesh and First Fruits, including sermons explaining each month of the Hebrew calendar! 

Do you ever find yourself "out of sync” or “out of time”? Do you ever feel like you are just living in a day to day cycle and that you can’t break out? It’s time to get on GOD’S CALENDAR! Rosh Chodesh and First Fruits are key to living in the timing, favor, and prosperity of God!

In God’s cycle of life, He not only gave His people a weekly celebration that we call the Sabbath, and a set of yearly festivals, He also gave a monthly feast: Rosh Chodesh - which literally means “Head of the month”. Rosh Chodesh is a celebration of each new month in God’s Hebraic calendar. Each month carries with it different characteristics and truths about God’s timing that you need to know and walk in! At the “Head of the month”, the Hebraic people would bring their first portion of harvest to the Lord as a first fruits offering.

In this set, we present an understanding of both Rosh Chodesh and First Fruits as well as an understanding of how to shift with each Rosh Chodesh of “Head of the month” of God’s calendar!

Speakers include: Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler