Head of the Year 5784

Head of the Year 5784: The War Over Your Door of Promise!

What an incredible way to be sent forth into 5784 and the war for our door promise!  Our Head of the Year Celebrationon September 14-17, 2023 activated an army to advance through an open door of destiny.  The Miracle Center has been initiated for our future, and a new platform to expect miracles is now in place.  The incredible worship, prophetic release and revelatory ministry from each of these sessions will anoint you to advance through your gate and access your door of promise: 

Chuck Pierce: Kingdom Harvest Alliance … A Time to Overcome in Your Territory!
Isaac Pitre:From Deliverance to Inheritance!
Robert Heidler: 5784 … The War over Your Door of Promise! and Chuck Pierce:Getting Through the Door to Your Future!
Joshua Giles: Unlocking the Door!
Daniel Pierce: New Gates!and Amber Pierce:Breaking the Curse of Covenant Breaking to Get Through the New Gate!
Dutch Sheets: He Has Saved the Best Wine for Last!
Tom Hamon:Establishing an Apostolic Culture!and Jane Hamon: Victory in the Valley!
Venner Alston:Carrying a Full PEY Load … Activating Millennials and Gen Z!
Norma Sarvis:Heeding the Still Small Voice of the Lord!and Chuck Pierce:A Year to War to Secure Your Promise!

*Plus Water Baptisms and incredible times of worship with James Vincent, Richelle Garcia and Impact Center, Victory Boyd, Misty Edwards and the GZI Judah Team

Your door to 5784 is already open … now war to secure your promise! 

*Not included in CD set.