Kingdom of God Advancing

We are of a Kingdom on the move, and no gathering to date has been a clearer demonstration of that movement than The Kingdom of God Advancing! Through every speaker, worship time, and watch, the Lord spoke again and again of our call to advance, and the surety of our victory in days ahead. Individuals, nations, and people groups received a new charge and thrust into the harvest fields of every sphere that we are called to occupy. We have crossed over into a new season when the LORD is coming with a new order and administration of His Kingdom, and His enemies will regret crossing a line and rousing His wrath. When you see chaos arising around you, be quick to say YES to what the LORD is unseating to establish His order. If you have any doubt about your identity in this transition, each of these sessions will you shift! This Conference has messages from Chuck Pierce, Jonathan Cahn, Jaqueline Del Rosario, Kyle Searcy, Mario Bramnick, Alain Caron, Mary Glazier, Robert Heidler, Tim Sheets and Dutch Sheets