Pentecost 5783: A Weekend of Miracle Breakthrough

Pentecost 5783: A Weekend of Miracle Breakthrough!

May 26-28, 2023

There have been few three-day gatherings ever that released all we experienced at our Weekend of Miracle Breakthrough!  Pentecost is about revelation, supply, and giving your way into harvest. What better “storehouse” to gather in for the Feast of Harvest than the Miracle Center!  The sound and movement released in worship caused us to turn and spin our way into a new dimension of divine recovery.  Each of these sessions will activate a new faith anointing and commissioning into the miraculous.

Daniel and Amber Pierce: Your Best is There … Let Him Show You the Way!
Chuck Pierce, Victory Boyd, and TY Bello: Worshiping Our Way into Pentecost!
Robert Heidler: Receiving the Fire of Pentecost … Taking Up Your Mantle!
Demontae Edmonds: Activating the Miraculous Through the Glory of God!
Chuck Pierce and Illuminate: The Divine Recovery!*
James and Robyn Vincent: Worshiping Our Way into Conquest!*
Dutch Sheets: Revelation of the Sons of God for Transforming Territories!

Enter in and receive the anointing of Pentecost 5783!


*Illuminate and James & Robyn Vincent's session's not included in CD set.