The Movement: Releasing the Anointing!

The Movement: Releasing the Anointing!

October 6-7, 2018

In a year of outpouring, movement is no longer something we are prophesying about. Rather, movement is what we have entered into! “Releasing the Anointing!” was not a conference but an initiation of revelation, activation and anointing to break us into a new movement. The anointing breaks the yoke, so don’t miss these expositions that will break the power of death and debt that would try and stop you at the gate:

Robert Heidler: Receive the Anointing … Become a Vessel for the Outpouring!
Keith Pierce: Moving from an Old Anointing to a New One!
Chuck D. Pierce: Aspects of the Anointing to Enable You to Overcome!
Tobias Lyons: Speak in Faith and Release Your Anointing!
Robyn Vincent: Anointed to Overcome and Prosper!
Linda Heidler: A Testimony of the Anointing!
Venner Alston: Sent Out with a New Anointing!

After engaging in these sessions you will be shouting, “I am anointed!” The Movement is your commissioning to go out and release God’s anointing!