The Movement: The Power of Deliverance!

The Movement: The Power of Deliverance!

February 8-10, 2019

Sessions include:

  • Anne Tate: Deliverance Watch
  • Robert Heidler: Breaking the Power of Iniquity: Overcoming the Curse and Entering God's Blessing!
  • Chuck D. Pierce: How Curses Operate and Attach to the Iniquity in Our Blood!
  • Chuck D. Pierce: Know Your Triggers!
  • Doris Wagner: Five Types of Curses and How to be Set Free!
  • Linda Heidler: Recognizing When Curses are Working and Breaking Their Power!
  • Chuck D. Pierce: Dislodging Demons from Your Blood Using the Sword of the Word!
  • Trisha Roselle: Breaking the Power of Slothfulness and Rising into Passion!
  • Joseph Pierce: My Testimony of Embracing the Ongoing Journey of Deliverance!
  • Robert Heidler: The Month of Adar 1, 2019: LEAP into Your Destiny!