The Year of the New Song

The Year of the New Song: Bringing the Sounds of Heaven into Your Garden on Earth!

Sound creates movement, and in changing times we want to make sure we clearly hear the cadence of advance so we move in God’s order.  From the first note of the opening session, Judah rose to lead us forward in breakthrough - and it never let up all weekend long!  In a year of “firsts” and new beginnings, this New Song Celebration unlocked sounds and songs that established an atmosphere for the King of Heaven to manifest His order in the earth.  Don’t miss the worship, watches, prophetic teaching, and ministry that will help you break old cycles and liberate you to express your identity in new ways.

Sessions include:

Friday Portal Watch!
Isaac Pitre:The Power of Your Sound in Heaven and on Earth!
Saturday Portal Watch!
Dean Mitchum: Let the Sound of Heaven Move You … Creating a Movement through Sound, War and Creativity!
Richelle Garcia: Blending the Sounds of Worship to Express One New Man!
Julie Meyer:Singing the Word for Breakthrough and Transformation!
Chuck Pierce and Julie Meyer:Singing the Word of the Lord for Prophetic Breakthrough!
Robert Heidler: The Month of Shevat … Getting Back on Track with the Tribe of Asher!

Enter into the Year of the Song and allow your sound to be heard!