Unmasking Freemasonry

Written primarily for the wives and families of Masons to explain the curses brought on themselves and their families through the oaths; then learn how to deal with the effects. History, structure are explained simply, as is the Masonic legend of Hiram Abiff, around which much Masonic ritual is centered. Many prominent Freemasons are shown, as are the statements by Christian denominations who oppose Masonry, and why.

Earlier editions of this book has been a significant cause of the conversion to Christianity of many Masons, and the collapse of the Masonic Order in New Zealand. A Past Master who read this book immediately resigned from his Lodge. The prayer guidelines from this book are being used by many Christian ministries worldwide.

This new expanded Seventh edition, with Foreword by C. Peter Wagner, includes dealing with the spiritual effects of Freemasonry in your municipality or state.

By Selwyn Stevens