Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow

Discover Your Gifts and Use Them to Serve God's People

God has a plan and purpose for His Kingdom here on earth--and He's given every believer a unique set of gifts and tools to help bring about those plans. But how do you know--and help others know--which gifts He has set aside specifically for you? And how can you use those to further His Kingdom?

For almost four decades, this trusted, bestselling group resource has been helping believers across denominations discover life-changing answers to these and other questions. By using the included questionnaire, you and those in your group will first be able to identify which of the 28 biblical gifts each of you has. This book will then walk you through what each gift means and how it works, and will reveal five simple steps to help your group build God's Kingdom through your gifts.

When you and your group know and understand the gifts God has given you, you will all discover a renewed sense of purpose and excitement as you partner with Him to help your church and community flourish.

Includes a comprehensive, easy-to-use questionnaire!