Deliverance: Cleansing Secret Occult Structures from Your Bloodline

Cleansing Secret Occult Structures from Your Bloodline

In the world today, there are many obstacles that prevent individuals, generations, and nations from fulfilling their destiny. We can be blinded by the deceptive ways of the enemy, but God gives us access to revelation that will uncover what has been kept secret (2 Cor. 4:3–4, 6).  Hosted by Linda Heidler during our 21-Day “Blood War” Prayer Focus, this Deliverance Seminar was an incredible time of pulling back the veil and uncovering hidden roots of occult structures that have blocked the purposes of God.  Each of these sessions uprooted unholy, counterfeit roots that hinder the revelation of authentic Christianity. 

Linda Heidler: Reclaiming What Was Lost to Freemasonry

Kay Tolman: A Testimony of Redemption and Restoration

Robert Heidler: Understanding Restoration … Restoration of Your Life and Restoration of the Church

Kay Tolman: Mithraism, the Hidden Root of Catholicism

Kay Tolman: Freedom From Freemasonry

The Spirit of God can invade your blood structures in a unique way.  I believe it’s vital we allow The Living-and-Active Word of God to invade and transform our blood and bodies.  Enter into this time of cleansing and allow the Spirit of God to help you decode and uproot occult structures that have hindered your freedom and wholeness.