Led by the Spirit

Led by the Spirit: What Benny Hinn Taught Me About Empowered Living


The Church is suffering from a spiritual amnesia epidemic. We forget that Jesus wants more for us than to be in awe of His power-He has given it to us to impart onto others. And sometimes, He sends us saints as a reminder. That's what Pastor Benny Hinn did for Pastor Kent Mattox.

Led by the Spirit is an account of his personal journey with Pastor Benny that will:

  • Enable you to transmit the power of the Holy Spirit within you to others.
  • Provide a comprehensive series of revelations to unleash the supernatural.
  • Prepare you to take the supernatural with you when God says ìmoveî.
  • Convince you that God is always ready for you to steward His power.
  • Inspire you to surrender to all that He has for you.

The power of pastoral mentorship is one of Godís favorite keys to unlocking our authority in Christ. Who we have dwelling within us isn't just a supernatural God, but a God who says the supernatural is ours.