Transformation Workbook

Transformation Workbook: Experience Supernatural Change

You were designed by God for a purpose.

Most followers of Jesus sense it-- they just need path to get from "here to there," as well as simple tools to live their faith amidst the gracious grind of everyday life.

Transformation is your path to experience supernatural change + become an agent of change right here, right now.

We pulled together our thoughts, concepts the Lord revealed to us in prayer, and ideas we learned from other followers of Christ— faithful men and women who struggled in their own way with the same questions we had.

Then, we created a notebook and invited a handful of couples to our home. Together, we ate and laughed and prayed. Our goal was simple:

  • Understand in its purest form what our “commission” as Christians is
  • Discover how to live out that calling in our daily lives (not just on Sundays while we gather in a building)
  • Have fun and enjoy true community with each other in the process

We believe you can do the same, which is why we’ve made this resource available to you.

The 4-part transformation path is your step-by-step process to not only experience true change, but also "be the change."