Cancer Overcomers

Cancer Overcomers: Gold Refined by Fire

A war manual based on the Word of God to train Christians in the health and helping professions, pastors and health ministers to congregations and patients with cancer to face this giant without fear and exercise authority as believers and walk in dunamis power.


The Thirteen P's are thirteen principles

  • His Purpose
  • His Preparation
  • His Plan
  • His Provision
  • His Peace
  • His Presence
  • His Promises
  • His Power
  • His Protection
  • His Prosperity
  • His Perfection
  • His Performance
  • His Prayer

Reader Takeaways

  • Know the Word: know your authority.
  • Attain and retain victory over fear with growth of faith and hope.
  • War from a position of victory over an unseen enemy.
  • Turn or return to intimacy (in- to-Me-see) with Jehovah-rapha, the God who heals.
  • Create your testimony of Jesus, the spirit of prophecy that perpetuates miracles.
By: Trudy Brinling Goerk