Creating A Supernatural Atmosphere!

Creating A Supernatural Atmosphere: Unlocking Mysteries and the Angelic Hosts

May 14-15, 2020

In this era of declaration and movement, the Spirit of God is aligning, ordering and gathering us in  new ways.  Creating a Supernatural Atmosphere was an amazing opportunity to interact with the angelic hosts.  The revelation shared in these sessions will equip you to move in a better understanding of this supernatural season and embrace the atmosphere God is calling forth in the earth. 

Chuck Pierce: The Names of God in an Era of Holy Spirit Movement!
Daniel and Amber Pierce: Imparting an Anointing to Experience the Supernatural!
Unlocking Mysteries Daniel Prayer Watch
Robert Heidler: Angels … Messengers on Assignment: Catching a Fresh Glimpse of the Invisible Realm!
Anne Tate, Janice Swinney, Linda Heidler, Marty Cassady: The Kingdom View … Interacting With and Understanding the Angelic Realm!
Tim Sheets: Breakthrough Angels for Three Kinds of Breakthrough!
Tim Carscadden: Angelic Help for the Coming Harvest War!
Kent Mattox: Revelation, Access and Activation of the Supernatural Realm!
Tim Sheets: The Season of Heaven’s Whirlwinds and Chariots of Fire!
James Goll: The Angelic Presence and the Harvest!
Blake Healy: Ministering Angels! 
Kevin Zadai: Speaking from the Fire so Angels Expedite God’s Plans!
Bobby Conner: Getting Founded in the Word … Enjoying Jesus and Fulfilling the Purposes of God!


Learn to welcome and partner with the Hosts of Heaven.  The Lord longs to manifest His Presence in your atmosphere and release His angelic hosts!