James Vincent: A Live Worship Album

One of James' biggest passions is for people to see the awesomeness of God, and to realize the privilege we have to worship Him and share in His purposes. The songs and sounds in this recording beautifully carry us through just that! From beginning to end, the presence of God can be felt as glorious sounds of worship fill the air. The sounds of the nations are wonderfully raised; different styles of music blend seamlessly from song to song. Listen and be drawn into a unique expression and experience with the God of the universe!

Track list:

  1. My Alabaster Box
  2. The Doxology
  3. You Are the Giver
  4. Our Daily Bread (Spontaneous)
  5. Overwhelming
  6. One
  7. Overwhelming (Reprise)
  8. Final Declaration (Spontaneous)
  9. We Believe (Spontaneous)
  10. All Praises to Yahweh
  11. I Need You
  12. It Is Well (Spontaneous)
  13. You Do Everything Well
  14. High and Exalted One