God's Family Plan

Everything is changing! Relentlessly, change is building upon change. The children of this present age will live as adults in a world that is not only different from the world we know today, but it will be a world in which the momentum and rhythm of change will accelerate at an astonishing, if not alarming pace.

Regardless of what the future holds, God’s plan for families is increase and multiplication (Genesis 1:28). God’s Family Plan explains the structure and function of family from a Biblical perspective. It illustrates the power and purposes of God expressed in and through family in the Old Testament, the time of Jesus and the early Church. Additionally, God’s Family Plan sounds a prophetic call to the Church of the modern era to return to its family roots.

The reader will also find a toolkit of practical information and resources for parents of very young children. It reveals the benefits of using age appropriate children’s literature as a tool for the development of language, literacy and Spiritual giftedness in the very young.

Heavenly Father’s heart is to prepare generations of adults and children to thrive during times of unprecedented change. God’s Family Plan unveils His strategy to establish you and the generations of your household in His blessing.

By David & Kathie Burnett