Healing Journey

Healing Journey: Discovering God's Provision for Healing

Healing: God's big idea

The Bible has much to say about healing and wholeness. Norvel has spent many years attempting to understand the principles of divine healing. In the book, he shares what he has learned. Norvel conveys the idea that healing is so much bigger than what we imagine. Because all creation was affected by sin, all must be redeemed.

Norvel also addressed the necessity for cleansing. the Law provided for both healing and cleansing. To be made totally whole, we need both.

Norvel takes us on a journey through Scripture, where God reveals Himself as our healer, ultimately revealing Jesus as the promised Messiah. Jesus then sends the disciples out the heal the sick and raise the dead. This mandate continues today as you and I become disciples of Jesus. Go, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons. We have been commissioned with power!

God also deals with nations. Many nations fall short of God's destiny for them. He desires to restore and fulfill His destiny for all nations.

The book of Acts promises the restoration of all things. We are witnessing the restoration of many things in the Church. Even planet earth is destined to pass away, and a new Heaven and a new earth will be formed, wherein dwells righteousness! Glory to God!

By: Norvel Rohrer