Passover 5782

Passover 5782: Accelerating Toward Your Promise!

We are living in a Passover era, and each year in this decade we must pass over and keep passing over. Our Passover 5782 Celebration was a historic time of crossing over into our promises.  Although conflict is increasing, the revelation gained during each of these sessions allowed us to move from deliverance into inheritance and a celebration of resurrection power! 

Chuck Pierce: Commissioned for the Harvest! (KHA Commissioning)

Isaac Pitre: The Passover Promise … from Deliverance to Inheritance!

*First Peoples Worship: A Historic Realignment of the Nations for the Realignment of the Nation!

John Price: Time for the Restoration of All That Was Lost!

Sheryl Price: Three Keys to Overcoming the Spirit of Death!

Mondo De La Vega: Returning to the Undiluted Gospel!

Daniel Pierce: God’s Building Process!

Amber Pierce: Discerning and Resisting the Enemy’s Agenda for our Children!

Robert Heidler: Passover 2022 … Accelerating Toward your Promise by the Blood and by the Wind!

*Misty Edwards: A Night of Worship!

Dutch Sheets: Redigging Resurrection Wells of Revival!

This is a time to accelerate toward your promises!  From Passover 5782, receive a supernatural anointing to face off your enemies and bring forth new fruit as you partner with God’s angelic army.  The fruit and the planting of the Lord for your future has begun!

First Nations Worship and Misty Edwards sessions included in DVD set only.